Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mobile Age : The World Within Your Hold

When you cannot explain thing simply, then you don’t really understand it. When you cannot simplify this world, then you can never prevail it. Kadang-kadang, not to say most of the time, kita pandang sesuatu yang hebat itu harus rumit, didapat dengan cara yang sulit, melalui prosedur yang berbelit-belit, yang membuat perut tiba-tiba melilit, sehingga harus lari terbirit-birit, eh tak tahunya sembelit */ pardon my crispy prank >,< */. For my defence, I didn’t speak […]

D-Day XI : The Indolent Invasion

You’ll never stop to worry about what might come, and cannot help to compare it with what you got before. The worst part is, it’s always easy to feel depressed when you think that you got the last one was better. Iki ngomong opo jeh? >,<” . Judulnya D-Day. Dareer Days? >,<” .  Karena hari ini, kebetulan ada Career Days going around me, a sleepyhead on a dole and Career Days official shirt,  rasanya tidak […]