Life After Business Hour in a Coffee Shop: Bring Your Own Electric Plug Terminal

Have you ever catch your deadline by covering all of your tasks at your favorite cafe? Or in a coffee shop where you usually paying your time, shortly, paying for the relaxing space, get wired in and hoping all of your tasks could be done immediately? Yeah, it`s about life after business hour.

Time flies, dozens of people come and go, but you still stay in the same chair, focus on your laptop`s screen. Another people come and getting closer to sit down next to you, and doing the same thing, focus on their laptop and get wired in! But alas, the other one, two, three, four people joined and do the same thing.

Many devices in one place surely will have an effect on availability of electric plugs. My question is, how about the rights we have to use that electric plug? We do not even know how long the electric plug already used by those who came before us. Other people has the same rights with us to use the electric plug because it was a public space, isn`t it?

So I think the best solution so far is always bring your own electric plug terminal. You could help another people who forget to bring it, or at least, provide additional plug they could join with. Never let people losing their rights because of you. The other reason is because not every coffee shop provide additional electric plug.

It just a simple thing, but I think it will give benefit to others. Let`s help everybody completed their tasks smoothly.

Would you do it? Happy working, everybody!


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