PT Paragon Technology & Innovation (Wardah Cosmetics) | ECC UGM
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PT Paragon Technology & Innovation (Wardah Cosmetics)

PT Paragon Technology & Innovation (Wardah Cosmetics)
Jl. Swadharma Raya, Kp. Baru III No. 60 - 
DKI Jakarta 12250 Indonesia
www.pti-cosmetics.com Jenis Industri: Lainnya
PT PARAGON TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION Founded in 1985, Paragon has developed and produced many variants of Skin Care, Decorative Make Up, Hair Care and Toiletries. Paragon, as one of the largest cosmetics manufacturers in Indonesia with over 26 years experience, has brought Wardah as a successful local cosmetics brand in Indonesia. Paragon also continue to develop the other leading brands (Make Over, Putri, Vivre, IX, etc). The company has grown more than 80% per year, with 30 operational areas, more than 22.000 outlets and more than 4500 employees in all over Indonesia. Creativity is the most important things we challenge every day. We produce our entire premium product in our own factory production area (51.000 sqm), with 27.000 sqm production floor and 30.000 separated ware house. Our factory produce 30.000.000 units every year and our products sold 1,5 peaces/ second. Our Vision : A company that give beneficial to society and continue to grow in variety field to always be better than yesterday (bring Kaizen spirit). Our Mission : Develop competent employees by creating a good working environtment to achieve customer satisfaction, Not only provide a high quality products and services but also apply a good marketing program to meet customer's need, Develop a healthy company in all operating aspects Keep on innovating, mastering science, applying technology to meet customer's need, Develop various business unit laterally . Awards : Best CEO 2013, Economic Challenge Awards 2013, Top Brand 2013, ICSA 2013, Super Brand 2014. Testimonial : “I spent my 19 years studying at schools I thought were one of the best, but now I know that my best school is Paragon. We are shown things that matters in life (turns my life downside up), making me realize how I was only focusing on mastering knowledge while i actually need to learn about humanity and creating magic to anyone anything arround me. Most importantly, Paragon shares the one most valuable thing, TRUST, giving us chances to be able to develop fully and reach limitless opportunities. I love you, Paragon!.” (Stephanie Lie, Chemical Engineering ITB 2007, Brand & Product Development). “Working in Paragon makes me know a lot of things about business. To lead and manage biggest distribution centre in Indonesia and open the first unit business in Malaysia are great experiences I have ever found in my career path. Paragon is the ocean of knowledge and experience.” (Rasyid Halimi, Industrial Engineering UGM 2007, Branch Controller)
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